About the OHBA

We are a group of homebrewers working to change Oregon law to remedy an oversight that currently leaves us unable to legally hold competitions, bring homebrew to meetings and share our hobby with others.

To do that, we are working with legislators to bring a bill before the 2011 Legislature. Language is currently being drafted, and we expect the bill to be introduced in January. Once that happens, we will need the support of the entire Oregon homebrewing community. We will be asking you to write letters and e-mails and make phone calls to your legislators expressing support for the bill.

Until then, it is important to understand that this situation was simply an oversight that occurred when Oregon first legalized home brewing. It was recognized by chance when a brewery checked with the OLCC about hosting a competition. We are working hard to enlist the support of the OLCC in changing the law. Please keep in mind that this is not the OLCC’s fault and it will only hurt our effort if people post disparaging comments about the agency or send derogatory e-mails.

Thank you for visiting this website. We are just getting our outreach program organized and will post additional information soon, including an e-mail alert option and resources for contacting legislators. Please bookmark the site and check back often.

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