SB 444 assigned to House Business and Labor Committee

Thanks to all of you who contacted your legislators on behalf of Senate Bill 444, which aims to expand the rights of homebrewers, whom are limited under current law to brewing and serving homebrew only at their residence. The Senate passed the bill unanimously Tuesday, February 22, and so it now moves on to the House.

The SB 444 has been assigned to the House Business and Labor Committee for a future hearing, which could come at any time.  The American Homebrewers Association and the Oregon Home Brewers Alliance (OHBA) urge you to take a few minutes to call or email the members House Business and Labor Committee and politely urge them to support the passage of SB 444. The committee members need to hear from you to help ensure this bill’s success.

In addition, if you have not done so yet, please also contact the Representative for your district and ask that they support SB 444. Contacting legislators is quick and easy, and every contact they get has an impact.

House Business and Labor Committee Contact Information:

Bill Kennemer, Co-Chair

Mike Schaufler, Co-Chair

Margaret Doherty, Co-Vice Chair

Sal Esquivel, Co-Vice Chair

Jason Conger

Val Hoyle

Mark Johnson

Greg Matthews

Thank you for your support of homebrewers, your action could make the difference in whether or not this legislation becomes law. Please forward this message on to any other Oregon residents that you feel would be interested in supporting this bill.


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  1. Scott Bean says:

    Just for everyones information I received an e-mail back from my house rep after e-mailing him asking him to sign in favor of SB444. He stated in the return e-mail that the House Business and Labor committee will be meeting this monday 07MAR2011.

  2. [...] need to contact your local member of the House can be found at the Oregon Brewer’s Alliance, here. I realize this may be old news for some but every little bit helps, so feel free to politely [...]

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