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SB444 Signed by the Governor!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

SB444 Signing

SB444 was signed into law on Monday, March 28th at approximately 3:45 PM. Once again it is legal to transport homebrew and have contests. Many thanks to everyone that worked so hard on getting it passed. In the picture to the left you can see (from left to right)Senator Floyd Prozanski, Chris Hummert (from the OHBA and Oregon Brew Crew), Governor John Kitzhaber, Denny Conn (OHBA and Cascade Brewers Society), Greg Bolt (OHBA and Cascade Brewers Society) and Ted Hausotter (OHBA and Good Libations brew club).

The day got started off by having the members of the OHBA meet up at Senator Prozanski’s office. There we got word that the signing ceremony was still on, but we didn’t know if we were going to be able to drink with the Governor after. We made our way down to the ceremonial office and waited for the governor to arrive. In the office you could see that the bill was on the desk already and it was just waiting to be signed

SB444 waiting to be signed

After a few minutes the governor arrived and told us that he was looking forward to signing this bill all day long. He introduced himself to all of us and was quite friendly. He then asked us how the group got started and we gave him the story about how we teamed up with Senator Prozanski and worked with the homebrewing clubs throughout the state to come up with a law that addressed all the issues we were faced with. After he said “well let’s fix this thing” and he signed the bill into law.

He signed the bill with 4 pens and each one was given to the members of the OHBA. The governor didn’t have time to have a beer with us after, but we all went back up to Senator Prozanski’s office and popped open a couple of celebratory homebrews.

From left to right: Chris Hummert, Ted Hausotter, Denny Conn, Senator Floyd Prozanski and Greg Bolt


Once again thanks goes out to everyone that works so hard on getting this law changed.  In review SB 444 allows the following:

● Eliminates the restrictions on the transportation of homebrew
● Eliminates the restrictions on where homebrew can be consumed
● Eliminates the restrictions on where homebrew can be made
● Allow clubs to charge dues
● Allow entry fees and prizes at competitions
● Allow homebrew to be served at club meetings held at pubs or other licensed premises
● Allow homebrew club members to participate in small-scale professional brewing at pubs
● Allow people who teach homebrewing classes to be paid.

SB444 to be signed by the Governor on 3-28

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

SB444 is scheduled to be signed by the Governor on March 28th during a signing ceremony at 3:30pm.  We will provide pictures and details after the event. Congrats to everyone’s hard work on getting this bill created and passed!!!!!!

SB 444 passes in the House

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
SB444 passes in the house

SB444 passes in the house

SALEM— Home brew competitions at the Oregon State Fair and local county fairs across the state will be back this summer following passage of SB 444, according to Oregon House Co-Speakers Arnie Roblan and Bruce Hanna.

The bill changes a prohibition-era law that was recently reinterpreted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission that caused the Oregon State Fair to cancel home beer and wine events, including the 23rd annual Amateur Beer Competition, last year.

The Department of Justice opinion said that while Oregonians could brew beer and craft wine at home, they couldn’t share it beyond that.  SB 444 also clarifies that those who brew craft beer or wine at home can share it with friends and neighbors.

“This bill is a great example of legislators coming together to fix an unintended consequence of state liquor law. Local events should be able to feature local home brewers and this bill puts us back on the right track.” Co-Speaker Hanna said.

State Rep. Mike Schaufler (D-Happy Valley), Co-Chair of the House Committee on Business and Labor, thanked Senator Floyd Prozanski for his work on the issue.

“This bill stops in its tracks a misguided legal opinion that shut down competitions at fairs all over Oregon,” Rep. Schaufler said. “This legislation ensures that home brewers can share their products and that the growing craft beer industry gets a boost. The return of these competitions at local county fairs is welcome news for home brewers and their fans.”

Roblan said the bill made clear that a prohibition-era law used to shut down the competitions last year was not necessary in today’s regulatory environment:

“Oregonians can welcome the return of local home brew contests at the Oregon State Fair and in their local communities,” Co-Speaker Roblan said. “Craft brewers can now share their products with friends and be assured that they will not run afoul of Oregon law. This prohibition-era law should not have stopped these local competitions and we have fixed it.”

Rep. Bill Kennemer (R-Oregon City), Co-Chair of the House Committee on Business and Labor, added, “This is a great bill that restores the ability of home brewers to engage in a hobby and competitions that have become such a big part of Oregon’s home brew success. I am grateful for the home brewers and legislators who worked together to craft a solution, and am glad to see it pass the House will such a strong showing of support.”

SB444 moves to House Floor for vote

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The Oregon House of Representatives has scheduled a floor vote on SB 444 for Monday, March 14. This will be the final step of the legislative process before the bill goes to Gov. John Kitzhaber for his signature. It will become law as soon as it is signed. It is worth noting that more than a dozen bills are scheduled for a vote Monday, and SB 444 is last on the list. So it’s possible the vote will be carried over to the next session if time runs out. We’ll get out a post as soon as we know.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped get us this far. We do not know yet when the governor will sign the bill. It’s possible there will be a public ceremony, but if that can’t be arranged fairly quickly we’ll ask that the governor sign it without one to be sure entries for upcoming competitions can be accepted legally. Again, we’ll get the word out as soon as we know.

SB444 passes House Business and Labor Committee

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Team OHBA, led by Ted Hausotter and Sen. Prozanski, put in another stellar effort this morning and got SB 444 approved unanimously by the House Business and Labor Committee. This means the bill will be scheduled for a floor vote, possibly later this week or next week. We expect another landslide vote by the House, which will send the bill to Gov. Kitzhaber for his signature. The law will go into effect the moment the governor signs it. We don’t know how soon that will happen, but we have asked the governor’s office to hold a signing ceremony for the bill, and the OHBA team members hope to be there. It’s possible the governor’s schedule won’t have room for the ceremony, in which case we’ll ask him to sign it without a ceremony to ensure that competitions scheduled for April and May can go forward. Please tell anyone who hasn’t done so already to e-mail their state representative and urge them to vote for the bill. We’re almost there!

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