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Oregon Homebrewing Issue in the News

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Below are a few links about the OLCC reinterpretation of ORS 471.403. If you know of any other articles in the media, please leave the link below in the comments section and I’ll updated this post.

KATU (Portland TV)
KDRV (Medford TV)
KOIN Local 6 (Portland TV)
Statesman Journal (Salem Newspaper)
Willamette Week (Portland Newspaper)

Welcome to the Oregon Home Brewers Alliance

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Oregon homebrewers have a problem. Our laws regarding homebrewing have fallen behind the times and need to be changed if our hobby is to continue legally. This site is dedicated to making that change.

The bottom line is that a recent interpretation of the law restricts homebrew to the home where it was brewed; no competitions, no club tastings, no family picnics. The problem is the law, not the agencies that enforce it. We are working on several fronts with the Legislature and other state officials to write a new law that reflects the current practice of homebrewing.

We need all homebrewers to be a part of that effort. On this site you should find all the information you need to understand our problem and join us in fixing it. Much of our effort will be focused on the 2011 session of the Legislature, but there is much you can do before then. We hope you’ll join us.

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